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Unit 10 Project - Pegasus Software

columbiacolumbia Experienced MentorRegistered Posts: 580
Hi Guys

I'm really clutching at straws here, I started my project in the summer of 2007 and based it on changing software from Pegasus Opera II to Sage Line 50 (as I have used sage since it was on Dos).

At the time I had some prices for comparison to include in my project, but I cannot find them and I would like to finish the project off and hand it in.

Therefore what I need are the prices for some add on units. The Opear II package had payroll, nominal, sales and purchases, but to be similar to Sage it would need a financial module, and possibly a couple of other modules.

I don't really want to ring round companies who sell Opera as I will end up getting sales calls, can anyone who uses Opera II help by sending me a PM with prices of these units, I would be forever grateful!!




  • vishavisha Well-Known Registered Posts: 218
    If you don't know the prices, Make them up.

    The project is for your and your manager's use only, but you are mainly writing the project to cover the required PCs and KU of AAT UNIT 10.

    Nobody is going to look at the accuracy of your prices. The assessors is only interested in your understanding.

    Hope this helps to complete yoyr project
  • columbiacolumbia Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 580
    Cheers Visha

    I did think that maybe I could make them up. I have a rough idea of the costs involved.

    I've almost completed the project now, (thanks goodness) just need to tidy it up a bit, insert the prices and map it.

    Thanks again

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