ECR Assignment - PLEASE HELP!!

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Hi, i've just started my AAT level 3, and have been given the first assignment for Evaluating Costs & Revenues Unit 6. I am soooooooo confussed. I understand everything that i have been taught in class and can do it with ease, but when i came to start my assignment i got stuck on the third question, and hit rock bottom as i continued reading the rest of them. It just all seems foreign to me, and i don't know why. Please Please help me!!
Thanks :001_unsure:


  • visha
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    What's the neme of your assignment?

    where can I find it?

    what's the 3rd question about?

    Can't help you with the current status of your posting!

    Lack of details!
  • jkc
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    we havnt had our ecr assignment yet but i am absoloutly dreading it
    theres lots of help available here on the forums though
    hows every one else doing?
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