Job Offer - HELP Needed?

aer87 Registered Posts: 26 ? ? ?

I have been for some interviews, as i qualified at AAT Level, and need to move on, as my wage is atrocious here, its probably think of your own wage and half it and thats being honest!

Anyways, this new job is PURCHASE LEDGER ONLY!
If i took this job, and funded my own studying for chartered, i.e. ACCA

Then when i come to looking for an accountant job, would it go against me that my last job was only Purchase Ledger role, and not varied, as it is at the moment, but i cant go anywhere, and they are offering me an extra £4500 at this place i had interview?

Advice Please, I need to give answers today you see?
Im thinking of my FUTURE, and is it going to possibly hinder my career in the long run?
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