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Hi everyone

Im studying for my advanced AAT, started the course in September and due to take exams in December, however, I have missed 5 classes due to ill health and cant seem to catch up!! I was comfortable with trial balances then transferring to P&L and BS but now everything ive learned has gone out of the window! My friend has been giving me the handouts from the lessons i have missed but it just isnt making sense at all! Extended trial balances, depreciation, bad debts, suspense accounts, partnerships ...... i've missed so much and am now stressing about the exam. I know its not the end of the world if i dont pass as i can resit in June 09 but its not the point - i dont want to fail!!! I've sat all morning trying to do an ETB and cant make it balance no matter what i do!! Its a mess!!!

Just though i'd get that off my chest!!!


  • Cullen
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    Try starting at the beginning of your text book and work books and attempt every question again, that may take a bit of time but it should bring you back up to speed.

    If you have a more specific problem let us know and I am sure you will get a good response.

    Good luck anyway.
  • A-Vic
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    Hey Dimples

    Feel for you hun i did the same last year had 5 weeks off in october but with a lot of craming and doing what cullen said it def is do able.

    Try like said do each exersize from the chapters then once done that do a paper make notes on key areas.

    Good Luck
  • elvis99
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    I had the same problem this time last year because I was unable to follow the tutor. but about four or five weeks before the exam I started to try and work through the text book step by step, before doing some past exam papers.
    It was hard work, but I did pass the exam.

    Good luck
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