Going it Alone

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Hi All,
I am considering setting up a business offereing book keeping services once I have completed my Technician Level. If anyone has any experience in having already done this themselves I would appreciate your comments or advice on how best to go about doing this. Thanks


  • JoGreen
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    Am am in Manchester, and it's what we do. We have a number of small clients where we vary the work between going to their premises to complete the work or we work from home and take the work in ourselves. It's quite hard at the moment because a few a of our clients haven't survived the reccession but we are gradually getting a trickle of new clients coming through. If you can, builders/joiners/plumbers are THE best networkers so once you have one you should find a few following on. You will need a balance of annual accounts and tax returns which is where you can make more money, and the bread & butter bookkeeping. It might also be worthwhile getting to know your local Accountancy Firm as you could be recommending them & vice versa.
    Good Luck
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