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If someone disposes of a property in a financial year and is due to pay Capital Gains on the sale proceeds, can the gain be offset against a purchase of a new property in the same financial year? I think the answer is no but I want to check....

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  • peugeot
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    It can by virtue of 'rollover relief'. This works by allowing the vendor of the asset to "roll" the gain over against the cost of a replacement asset.

    To qualify the old and the new assets must be used in the same business. If the asset is a 'property to let' then the gain cannot be rolled over unless the asset is a 'holiday let'.

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  • CathG
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    I think rollover relief can be used with the business buying a different type of asset so long as it is an allowable one. (examples being land, buildings, immovable plant & machinery).
  • peugeot
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    There are two heads "A" and "B". Head A concerns buildings and B concerns fixed plant/machinery which does not form part of a permanent/semi-permanent nature of a building.

    You can even claim rollover relief on a spaceship!! Honest - I am not joking (see Section 156 TCGA 1992)
  • Bluewednesday
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    I think the main question needs to be what type of building is it?

    Is it a business asset or a property bought for rental (in which case an investment property)?

    Can you give some more information?
  • JoGreen
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    It's a property that was bought for the purpose of "buy to let". The owner has sold this property and bought a new home to let as a "holiday" home in Dubai in the same financial year. Does this mean that the disposal can't be affset as the second property is not being use for the same basic purpose?

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  • Bluewednesday
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    I don't think rollover relief is appropriate in this case.

    The original property is an investment property and the new property is a holiday let. As you have stated they are not in the same trade and the investment property is not seen as a business asset.

    Would welcome other opinions but I don't think the relief can be used in this case.
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