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Hi All,

I am having a bit of trouble with a section on secondary apportionment and my tutor is on holiday. The total cost of the canteen I am trying to apportion is £6517. The allocation is based on the number of employees which is 9. I am to divide this among the servicing bay,fabrication workshop,mobile unit,maintenance, and stores. I cannot seem to get the right answer on this and I need to understand what I am doing as I have a sjills test on Wednesday.
Can anyone help please?



  • CathG
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    How many people work where? Are there only 9 in total? doesn't seem many for the sections you need to spread the costs over.

    Total to be apportioned is £6517 / 9 people = £724.11 per person.
    Do figures have to be rounded to pounds? I'll assume so.

    Say :
    2 people work in the servicing bay = 724*2=1448
    3 in fabrication = 2173 (I've put the extra £1 on this one as there's three of them!)
    1 in mobile unit = 724
    2 in maintenance = 1448
    1 in stores = 724

    If though, it doesn't tell you how many people work in the sections, you may just have to divide it equally between the 5 sections.

    That's how I would calculate it - hope it helps.
  • haighston
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    Amy i think your in my class!

    I had trouble with this one but i have the hang of it now...

    You only want to work on the basis of 8 people! so to get servicing dept

    2/8 x 6517 = 1629

    If you need anymore than this PM me

  • sarahwilson
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    Why is it only 8 people you calculate it from?
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