Unit 5 Skills Test

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I guess everybody has now completed their FRA simulations. How did you all find it?


  • Esme
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    I got there in the end after having a mind blank and crossing out my answers a few times, I hope you don't get marked down for messyness!!
  • dappac
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    Simulation FRA UNIT 5

    I just sat my simulation on monday, it went alright but my mind went blank, had some trouble on the diposal of the the Car asset, My main problem was the appropriation account and my current account couldn't get them to match, I know my method was right but i think my figures were wrong... I hope i pass just wondering if any one has any techniques for the main exam..

    they say the sim is much harder than the actual exam but just want some tips on revision now.. has any one tried the tutorial what do you think of it??? is it useful
  • Pinkjo
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    I haven't sat mine yet, ours is in a week and a half, followed by the exam the week after :ohmy:
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