Trading Name? Please advice

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Hello everyone

I am applying for a MIP license and planning to be a sole trader. One thing I am not sure of is a Trading Name or a Business Name. Am I allow to use a trading name rather than my own name for my business? if the answer is yes, do I need to register with Companies House?
Anyone can untied my knot would be appreciated

Also, any MIP in Vale of Glamorgan area would like to be my professional cover? I don't think I will have more than 6 clients from now to 31/3/09 but it would be essential to have one. Thanks



  • Jan
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    You don't need to register with Companies House unless you are a limited company.

    I believe as long as it doesn't cause confusion with any other business you can call yourself what you want.
  • elppa
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    Thanks Jan, but would I be in trouble in using a trading name that might be LTD registered or even trade mark registered say in couple of months time?
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    i have been worrying about the trading name as well! I eventually sent me MIP application off today!
  • JJ43
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    Check out :-

    Lists all business names, limited companies, trade marks, domain names.

    Hope this helps.
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