Osbourne workbook units 6&7

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Hi all I have just bought the Osbourne workbook for units 6&7 and have discovered there no answers does anybody have the answer books as I cannot check whether I am doing it right without Ta very much karen:lol:


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    dont have the answers persoanlly, but try checking the website [HTML]http://www.osbornebooks.co.uk[/HTML] had a quick look on there and they have revision notes and by the look of it answers for sure of some the units..do a search on the unit and look what comes up.
    Good luck
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    hmm my previous reply never arrived..lets reword it ..
    Try looking at the Osbourne website and doing a search, they seem to have revisised texts and answers, but not sure if its those answers you are looking for...hope it helps , if not good luck!
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