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ok so its less than a month away now...I shall be sitting the Foundation PLB Exam.

I am learning through train to gain whilst in a full time job, been working in accounts for 6 years so my experience is excellent, my portfolio is almost finished and yet this exam is freaking me out. We have only had 4 or 5 teaching lessons and only have maybe 3 more to go. I have been trying to study at the weekends if I get time.

Section one, i have almost cracked, I should be ok with a couple more practices.

But Section Two is causing me concern...especially the general knowledge type questions....I find they use professional terms whereas in a working situation we use different terms, different practices etc.

So does anyone have any tips on how I can study for Section two of this exam please?:thumbup:


  • Esme
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    What is train to gain?
  • laurad
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    i would just read your textbook. that will have everything in it that may come up in the exam and will use exam terminology
  • waxbutterfly
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    i dont actually have a textbook. our tutor assumes as we work in finance already we dont need that sort of support.

    train to gain is a government funded thingy which means they are paying for our course, membership exam fees etc. i beleive the college gets a grant for funning train to gain schemes
  • Esme
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    You don't have a textbook?? I've got a set of Osbourne books for foundation level you can have if you want, £10 plus postage and packaging, they are very good and got me through the course.

    I have worked in finance for 4 years and couldn't have got as far as I have in AAT without textbooks so I think that is a bit silly of your tutor!
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    Waxbutterfly, there are not many questions in sec 2 that will ask you terminology based questions, and remember that you only need 75% in section 2 to pass it. So all in all - DONT PANIC!!!

    In section 2 you will be asked a VAT calcualtion, journal questions, suspense accounts, a small T account balancing excercise which will either be in PLCA or SLCA (opposite of what the main account was in Sec 1) this exercise will include a error with the sub account that you will need to reason, cash book/bank reconciliation.

    There are many many ways to pick up marks in this section, the vast majority of them will come from these tasks and not the jargon based questions.

    You will be fine!

    Lily xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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