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Anyone know of any courses around the yorkshire region that can help me with DFS as need a disciplined course? Anybody know which college peugeot tutors at??



  • Bluewednesday
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    Carrie - Peugeot isn't a tutor!

    What about Kaplan or BPP - they've probably got revision courses left?
  • cornflower
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    Thanks for your reply. I will look into Kaplan/BPP on Monday. I just feel so lost in DFS at the moment:mad2:

    I thought peugeot was a tutor as he was offering revision courses???
  • SandyHood
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    Sadly Cornflower,
    The planned revision course Peugeot and I arranged for 1st 2nd November did not generate enough interest to go ahead.

    When it comes to communicating clear information on technical subjects, very often someone such as Peugeot is ideal. He works on the issues that are tested so he really knows not only the theory but how the accounting standards work in practice.

    There are a lot of aspects of teacher training course that do not enhance the teaching of accountancy.
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  • peugeot
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    Thank you Sandy, I appreciate your words.

    Carrie - I am not a tutor, I work in practice but I also write technical articles on financial reporting/audit for qualified accountants as well as for students. The idea behind the revision courses was to offer advice to students who are preparing for DFS - particularly with managing the accounting standards and ratios. It seems DFS does seem to cause a few problems for students.

    I am planning to do some seminars early next year (which may not be any use to you) on IFRS so depending on which sector you work in, they may be useful to you.

    I can also recommend Kaplan/BPP for your revision courses also.

    Good luck with your revision.

    Best wishes
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