PCR Help, please, exam Dec 2008. AAT please help

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I am having great difficulty trying to get my head around parts of the first section of the PCR exam, which I failed in June.
I am managing to get through the first bit production budget, materials purchase budget etc etc. When it comes to the next part of dealing with changes I start to panic and then can't think what I am supposed to do. Can anyone offer some help or guidance. I think if I get in the exam and this happens I will fail again! It's stressing me out! I think if I can't get my head around parts 1.2 and 1.3 there is no point going to the exam. I am looking to attending one of the aat revision days but is there anything else I can do.This is the last bit before I can apply for Full membership so unfortunately I need this but I am struggling to get through it. Secton 2 I find ok.
Can anyone offer some words of wisdom. I have read the text book over and over and over again and gone through the relevant exercises, where do I go from here. Would the AAT revsion day offer anything else


  • gini76
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    pcr help

    we are all in the same boat darling. apart from the fact our teacher was crap and didnt teach well they seem to change everything all the time and even a budgeted operating statement is different.

    Im doing the exam papers and questions time and time again thats the only thing we can do and pray to god they are nice this year.

    good luck let me know if you pass.

  • A-Rod
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    I agree

    I agree to both, I'm having problems with the same thing. And to my knowledge it really is just a case of practising the past papers if you can do all the questions on them and understand them, you should be fine.

    I have never failed an exam where I could do everything in the past exam papers. I think there is defintaely and element of luck too. Pray it's a nice paper as the one in June was horrendous.

    Good luck both, were all in the same boat and it is not nice :-(
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