PCR questions.

chris harte
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Hello, I have been practising my past exam papers for the PCR.
I have done all my workings right but because I got one of my earlier questions wrong in section 1 all the answers are different to the answer booklet.
Do I still get full marks because its right with my figures but wrong to the actual figures or do i lose a mark every question thats wrong.

Also anyone who sat PCR in June 2008, how did you find it? I think its the hardest exam paper I have tried.


  • SandyHood
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    Let me reassure you.

    Good clear workings, that correctly use the wrong figures will be rewarded with the full marks.

    You are penalised when you make a mistake, not when you go on with that number to work something else out.
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  • Genel
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    I did Chris and I also think that section 1 was the hardest I'd ever find a PCR paper. It was pretty difficult for me
  • lorraine
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    i sat June 2008 i thought i failed it but i actually passed all you can do is your best. good luck mate!
  • fpettifer
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    I sat this paper. It was tricky but I managed to pass. The information you need is there but I found there was so much information so it was confusing what to use.
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