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Have just moved to a new practice and am looking for some new software.

Basically my job is to produce VAT returns each quarter, then bring all the info together either at year end or 3/4 through year end (tax planning etc.).

At the moment Excel is being used but have been told if I can find better ways of doing things then look into it and get some costs together etc.

I have used SAP and sage line 50 - any other suggestions would be very useful




  • moneymotivated
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    There is a newish accounting system that is all internet based (no update disks etc) like you need with Sage. It is called Economics and is very good. It only costs about £10 a month.

    I have used this and one of the main benefits is I can log in at the same time as a client and talk them through what they are supposed to be doing etc.

    Anyway obviously the above will not be applicable to you as your working as an in-house accountant, but from previous experiance working with sage, quickbooks and economics I have found sage was the easiest to use.
  • A-Vic
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    Ive found sage instant accounts pretty good for VAT and cheaper than line 50
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