Senior and Semi Senior

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On job ad's a lot of them say looking for a Senior or Semi-Senior Assistant accoutant etc etc what does this mean? (the senior/semi senior part that is?)

Is it to do with age? or experience?

I tried googling it but to no avail!


  • sarahwilson
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    I think a Semi Senior is someone who has passed the AAT and started ACCA or CIMA but I'm not sure.
  • RRP
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    Some say Senior etc but then say that you can have study support for the AAT which would mean your not qualified so im a bit confused!
  • Nich
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    I would say Senior may mean having experience and maybe be a supervisor to a lower level employee?!
  • h_kan
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    With our firm, we have started as juniors. They then become semi-senior after approx a year and then become senior after 2-3 years in total.

    This usually does tie into training for aat, aca cima etc as most new starters come in as trainees. However it is possible to be a senior with no formal accountancy qualifications, as we do have some unqualified seniors.

    Basically it is based on your accounts experience.
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