I'm in BIG trouble

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Hi everyone. Im kinda new in this forum but, please, I need all the help I can possibly get.

See in the past two weeks I've been seing a psychologist due to some psycho issue that I'm trying hard to deal with. I haven't studied in a long time (two months) cuz of this psychological problem but now I feel much better than before. Problem is, I feel under pressure cuz the exams are just around the corner. I know deep inside that I can catch up in the remaining time but I just dont feel motivated enough.

With the remaining time, do you guys think I'm gonna
make it?


  • burg
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    Anythings possible with the right amount of effort.

    Try to find something to motivate yourself. Both long term and short term.

    Long term could be qualifying or passing your current level. Short term could be revising a certain topic and answering some questions and doing well.

    If you can find anybody willing to listen then I find that trying to pass on your knowledge can really test what you do or don't know.

    Best of luck, stay focussed and you can do it.


  • Android18
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    Thanx for helping me Ian I'll give it my best shot tho my stress levels are always sky high lately. I only feel refreshed during the first few hours of Morning then it all comes back again- the pain is excrutiating.

    Thanx anyway.
  • Ponder
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    All thats been said above are all good points and im going to take them into consideration persoanlly for my own studying.

    You can do it but dont let pressurizing yourself do yourself in...no exam is worth it.
    If you find the studying rewarding and helpful in your life then do it but dont get sucked down into pressuring yourself and beating yourself up about any of the studying.
    Its said that the best frame of mind to learn is a relaxed and happy one which for sure is abit of a vicious circle if your having any issues in the relaxed and happy state of mind department while trying to study.

    Go for it ! im sure by the sound of what your saying you can do it but at the same time make sure to be a little gentle on yourself....

    Enjoy the challenge and the learning while making sure to look after yourself.
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    Some self belief and calmness will help you on the day. As much practice as possible. once you learn the sort of questions that might come up, and learn the processes, you will be fine.

    I felt so rough on exam week, got struck down with tonsilitus with flu symptoms, i had self belief but was not confident doing FRA. you will be fine.

    Paul E
  • Android18
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    Its been one week...

    ...and so far I've only managed to do very little.

    Yesterday I was on the verge of giving up because the negative thoughts seemed to have outweighed the positive thoughts. I felt bad about myself for some reason but managed to drive the feeling away by thinking about all the things I'd like to achieve in the future- my dreams-, the time wasted by giving up, the money paid for me to go to college, the burden Im going to carry next year if I repeat this level and, most importantly, the dissapointment I was about to bring not only to myself but to everybody who cares about me- including all of you^.

    Its really; really difficult for me to stay focused but I still believe, strongly, that Im going to make it. Infact I REFUSE to give up even though my mind is overloaded with stress and all the pain that comes with it.

    I understand most of the what Im supposed to write in the exam but in some areas I cant seem to recall at will what I've learnt. I easily get distracted and "exhausted" each time I attempt a past exam paper. I also panic when I fail to recall whats in my mind yet I know its there! How do I organise myself?

    Thank you in advance.
  • Ponder
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    Look at what you have managed to do..its all good and well to be realistic and try to work out what you have left to do in x amount of time but if you burden yourself with it like a millstone around your neck its not going to be helpful.
    look at what you have done. stop looking at the massleft undone, etc, etc thats again self pressurizing yourself. focus on starting rather than the finishing.
    Also its useful to be doing practice exams as pointers of what needs work and also as a literal practice run of the exam.view it as such and keep going with them,its all good practice.

    Dont let yourself give up and get overwelmed by the mass of negative stuff.
    You can do it..Relax! If you give yourself abit of calm and relax then im sure you will find it easier to remember the things that you yourself are saying is there in your mind. you have succedd in remebering things but you need in my opion to relax yourself and then see these answers coming from yourself rather then beating yourself up and stressing , then for sure not being able to come up with these answers because of stress. literaly stress chemicals are not very useful for memory and the brain and body genrally!

    in terms of organizing yourself , look at key points you find you have weaknesses with understanding or memory. im saying weaknesses in the term that its something you could work on,to strengthan and feel more comfortable with.
    I understand most of the what Im supposed to write in the exam but in some areas I cant seem to recall at will what I've learnt.
    These kind of areas as youve talked about, they are the areas you need extra attention and work on.
    Plus id say the practice exams in genral to use as exactly this, practice ,also to be able to see for yourself what areas are best to focus on and in order to also practice keeping CALM and RELAXED.

    Sorry if im reapeating myself alot but im sure these are the points that will help you in the long run.

    Regards from Ponder.
  • jkc
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    As some one who suffers from generalised anxiety i can empathise with
    the pain you are going through. all i can say is eventually you will emerge
    stronger. go through the exams with determination and grit. theres also the focus of not going doing the whole thing all over again.focus on the feeling of elation of passing that exam its amazing.
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