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Hi Guys,

I really need some help. I am sitting my PEV & PCR in december, and I am really not able to remember the formulas. I am doing the PRV papers, and I cannot get past section 1 as I cannot get the answesr right when I go to check them. I cannot remember the formulas. Is it too late?




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    There are some really good post's on the forum, with explanations regarding the formula's for PEV, if you put PEV FORMULA'S in the search box, I think it will bring them up

    Good luck
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    well dont knwo how many are in the pev papers .but were studying the dfr papers and the loads of ratio formulae to know and also the iaf standards to learn !!!!!

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    I've been told that the good news is once you've learnt the formulas thay are used in dfs, pev and the cash management module. The tough part is memorising them in the 1st place, does anyone have any suggestions, at the moment my monitor at work is surrounded by post-it's covered in different formulas!
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    Personally, I found it useful to arrange some of the ratios into a table where you multiply the row and column headings to get the answer. The positions of the answers in the table helped me to remember the numbers that went into the formulas. If diagrams help you to remember things then you might find it useful.

    As it is difficult to format tables here, I posted it on Wikibooks - which also means you can edit it if you can think of any improvements.
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