BTC exam June 2008 answers

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I have been trying to print the answers to the June 2008 BTC exam from the AAT website, but with no luck. I know they are having problems and I have tried to save the answers like they say, but it is still not working. I would really appreciate if any one has them, if they could send them to me, so I can check my answers out and see what I have done wrong!:001_smile:


  • imeldabye
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    I am also having this problem. Does anyone have the answers?
  • pernickety
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    Yes, me too. This is not on AAT, come on... The answer paper is clearly not on the server your end, to either open or save, no matter what way you are attempting too! I dont know about anybody else, but my exam is in December, we have not yet covered all of the subject, yet are still trying test papers as much as we can. We can do without this!

    P.S. I have just emailed the AAT, so hope to get the answers on there or alternatively have quoted my registration number and asked them to email me them.
  • Hayles_984
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    BTC exam June 2008 answers

    I've had the same problem. However, I e-mailed AAT and they are aware of the problem but they also sent me a copy of the file too.

    Hope this helps
  • Guns
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  • sebastianforbes
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    unless they have corrected the huge mistake in the original question paper...

    then i would suggest avoiding this one. either that or speak to a tutor.

    of course, you can still practice the memo and other general knowledge questions.
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