distance learning - experiences

We are not getting good tutition at our college - one tutor in particular.

I wondered what experiences people are having with distance learning and which company/s are recommended.

Any thoughts welcome.

thanks peeps!


  • Kirstytev
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    I am studying distance learning with Kaplan and I really enjoy it - their textbooks are really good and you get little summary books with all the important things in which i carry in my bag everywhere I go!
    I dont have time to go to college and i dont think i would enjoy it so distance learning really suits me.
    You have to be very self-motivated though, as I have very little contact with my tutors - eg you get progress tests to do and send off for marking as well as practice exams but if you dont send them in then you dont get chased for them so no one is really monitoring your progress as such. Obviously you can contact them with any queries and they are quick at responding.

    Hope this helps a little
  • reddwarf
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    Thanks Kirsty, interestingly I find the Kaplan books difficult much prefer Osborne!

    Your comments about Kaplan are very helpful.

    thanks again
  • DaveIOW
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    I'm studying with BPP, my experience is much the same as kirsty's, you do have to be very self disciplined. The Books from BPP I find easy to follow, however it doesn't always sink in so I also got some second hand Osbourne books from amazon so, if I don't understand it in one book I can go to the other & then it usually makes sense.

    all the best

  • reddwarf
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    Hi Dave, how do you feel about the support you get with BPP?
  • DaveIOW
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    Again, similar to Kirsty, they are there if you want them, otherwise they will let you get on with it.

    I guess it depends on how you learn, for the exams I just buy the books and study, if I have any problems I will look for the answer on forums or within other books or just keep working at it until I work it out. Ive had no problems booking exams at the BPP training center nearest me which Im able to book through AAT when I pay for exams, though BPP's website says its all done at Shepards Bush :confused1: For the skills tests I do sign up for full study support as they wont do the skills test without it again I do them at the center nearest me.

    If you feel you need support with exams then by all means sign up for it, but I find the difference is about £200-£300 & a couple of marked exam papers, which you can get from AAT website (and in the back of BPP books) which you can mark yourself
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