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John Boy
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Hi all

I'm an AAT Diploma student - Advanced Certificate stage using a flexi-study/distance learning or homestudy course.

I'm having terrible difficulties with my course provider and I'm looking to change provider. What firms/providers are recommended for the above distance learning for both Diploma (year 3) level and also unit 31 which I have to complete from the Certificate stage to access full MAAT membership (eventually).

Important - I place a particular premium on support during skills tests/simulations - my current provider has been useless in this regard so firms that excel in this area would be most appreciated.

Many thanks



  • Eagle Edu support tutor
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    Distance learning

    Hi John,

    I am sorry to hear you are having difficulties. Have you expressed your concerns to your provider informally/formally?

    There is a list of distance learning providers on the AAT website. It is worth printing it off and phoning them to do some research to find which training provider will meet your needs.

    Ask lots and lots of questions about their policies and procedures. At eagle we clearly communicate the level of service you should expect to receive from the outset. We understand that finding the right homestudy provider helps you remain motivated and on target to achieve your goals.

    Put us on your list of people to call :thumbup:

    Kindest Eagle support tutor
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