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Hi there,

Does anyone on here use a system called INVU for document management?

We are at the planning stage for implementation, trying to decide which documents have to be scanned in. Though we have question marks over statements both supplier and customer and for remittances though naturally all customer remits will be scanned.

Not so sure on supplier remits as payment history is traceable anyway. Do you legally have to retain a copy of each supplier remittance?


  • deanshepherd
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    I considered purchasing Invu for my business but chose a product called Rapport instead.

    Once fully implemented I will be scanning everything that comes into the office including supplier remits.

    I doubt there is any legal requirement to keep a copy of the remits though so if you deem this to be too labour intensive then I'm sure that wouldn't be a problem.
  • peugeot
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    We use INVU and it is quite good. We scan all our correspondence, accounts prep jobs and tax work and all the letters that go out of our firm are automatically put into the INVU client file. Our audit assignment files are not scanned due to the sheer size of them but they're the only thing we don't scan here.

    Kind regards
  • oakley
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    We set up INVU over a year ago and have scanned in over a hundred Archive storage boxes, it takes only a few minutes to scan a ream of A4 paper and save it to a folder. We would not scan customer or supplier statements or supplier remittances as these are traceable anyway.

    All original paperwork is disposed after scanning to save space, we find it a very good and it is easily retreivable.
  • Nilesh Mandvia
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    How much cost

    What is cost of Invu? I am interested in scanning documents.

  • deanshepherd
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    They pluck a figure out of thin air depending on the size of your practice.

    They originally quoted me £2.5k and when I said no thanks they said ok, how about £1.5k?

    I think they are used to dealing with larger organisations so I think it foxed them when I made enquiries for my 2 computer set up!
  • Carlbl
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    The cost of our system is going to be around 20k, but that includes some hardware and about 10 licences for the software.
  • oakley
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    We pay about £100 per quarter for ecopy, + hire the photocopier seperately, a very cheap way to archive documents, several thousand over the year.
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