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Hi everyone,

i have just checked the exam venue on MyAAT and i was really surprised. Could those who study with BPP check if they have got this same address for ECR exam?
the venue address is :
3 London Wall Buildings

Normally it was Shepherd Bush :confused1: I rang BPP to confirm the address but the said they dont know :rolleyes:
I might be paranoid but wouldnt like to ended up miles away :001_smile:thanks a lot


  • DaveIOW
    DaveIOW Registered Posts: 85 ? ? ?
    Hi Agatha,

    Mine is for where I booked it, Southampton. My only thought is do you have a scroll wheel on your mouse? when you booked it & selected Shepards Bush from the drop down box you may have moved the scroll wheel which would flick through the list of locations in the drop down box
  • lelley
    lelley Registered Posts: 1 New contributor ?
    Hey Agatha,

    don't konw if you've got your answer yet but i have the same address for Bpp too after selecting bpp London..so if it is wrong chances are everyone booked on it will be at the wrong venue!!!
  • agatha
    agatha Registered Posts: 41 ? ? ?
    thanks to both of you :001_smile: and good luck
  • R1tch
    R1tch Registered Posts: 1 New contributor ?
    Once booked are you able to change exam venues??
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