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I've been looking into final accounts software for sole traders, partnerships and ltd companies and have found that iris and vt seem to be the packages that people seem to be using. I was wondering if anyone with experience of these could help me decide which is the best software

Many thanks



  • axl2derv
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    VT...no question!!!
  • deanshepherd
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    VT and Iris are two very, very different types of software package.

    I have used Iris in the past and found it to be pretty good. Lots of features and intuitive to use.

    VT is an Excel add-on that will generate a set of accounts from a TB. Nothing more nothing less.

    VT is considerably cheaper than Iris, particularly once your client numbers increase.

    I use VT and am very happy with it.

    If I had cash to burn I would buy the entire Iris accounts, tax and practice management suite but that day is a long way off!
  • Dean
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    We use IRIS, but only the accounts production module. You don't need to have the all singing all dancing version straight away. IRIS will expand as and when you need it to.


  • A-Vic
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  • numberz
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    Thanks for all your replys, i'm finding this forum really helpful

    I might go with VT for now and if ever needed in the future have a look at iris

  • monkeypuzzle47
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    I love VT!!!
  • farmergiles
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