Does the AAT have active interest in standards in colleges such as class size?

I wondered if there is an active interest in such matters or a forum for feedback from students to the AAT.


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    I am really interested to know why you would like to know this as I have recently been approached regarding another issue with colleges. Please note that I do not work for the AAT, I qualified in August and I am now a full member and MIP. If you would prefer to send me a private message please do so.



    PS If any students have any other issues with colleges I would be very interested to hear about them via PM
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    I know that the AAT sends out moderators to check on the standards of work and the quality of portfolio evidence on an annual basis at each college. They are also supposed to be given a student feedback sheet from each student which gives the student members the opportunity to voice their opinions and concerns. Really, if you have any concerns that can't initially be dealt with by the college in question, you should then proceed through relevant complaints/grievance procedures laid down by the AAT. The colleges have to adhere to some very tough rules and jump through many hoops to maintain their licences to deliver the courses and I, for one, am glad that they have such an active role in the wole procedure, because I know that I have had quality education delivered by well qualified teaching staff.
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    I believe we had a feed back form last year (towards the end of the year) but I think it was for the college not the aat.

    No sign of anything this year.

    I'll check out the aat complaints procedure. thanks
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    I suggest you check out all the infomration on this page and linked pages:

    and especially the Assessment and Administration document available from this page too.

    This should answer all your questions about how seriously the AAT regard the running of the courses in colleges and other centres.
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