Prof Ethics - Conflict of Interest question

Would anyone care to say how they would answer this one?

You are a govenor at a school, your friend is a builder who is quoting for work at the school and asks you to put in a good word for him.

What would you do and

What eithical issues are raised?


  • blobbyh
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    Well, firstly wouldn't this matter how good and reliable he is?

    Just because he's your friend it doesn't mean he's not a good builder. As long as he could provide other references for work he's done, do the job well, on time and guarantee the workmanship, then he'd certainly have to be considered rather than dismissed out of hand due to the relationship. A fair discussion with others in the selection process would need to take place but if your friend could also offer a 'mates rate' towards the school coffers then that could be decisively beneficial for him.

    I'm not a head of school nor work in the small township public sector, I'd cynically imagine the "nepotism" for friends and relatives to be reasonably common for local councillors. But then I think most of them are corrupt anyway so what would I know?
  • reddwarf
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    Thanks Robert, one thing though would you consider this situation a conflict of interest? You are not working for the school in professional capacity nor forthe builder. I would say that the only issue is possible reflection on your reputation as an accountant as not being seen to be objective and independent but on the other hand as you are not working for either party you have noting to be gained by the recommendation (no conflict of interest) and in fact could (as you say if he is good builder - separate issue I think - neogiate a good rate for the school) give a personal opinion of is capabilities....

    Or infact decline to recommend thebuilder avoiding any remote risk of conflict of interest from familiarity threat...

    I mucked this one up and still can't see why???
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