SWOT analysis help???

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I'm trying to do my Unit 10 project and as part of my analysis of current system am doing a SWOT analysis as advised by my tutor. But am stuck on a threat.
Any negative ideas i come up with i think they are just weaknesses.
So should the threat be of the current system i'm analysing or of the new system i'm proposing? But as at this part of the project i haven't made any recommendations yet that part comes next, so i'm confused!
Anyone with any ideas please would be gratefully received!!!



  • visha
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    SWOT has to be done on the current system that is in place. Not on the changed or improved system.

    Any negative ideas that you come up with could be either a weakness or a threat or both.

    For example you may have analysed that your company has one person; who is both a sales ledger clerk as well as a purchase ledger clerk. He pays the supplier as well as chases for the for the company’s outstanding debts.

    Weakness – purchase ledger checking the incoming invoices and the same person is making the payment. Fictitious invoices can be entered as an expense and the same invoice is paid easily.

    Threat:- if you advise to segregate the job, the purchase ledger clerk may decide to leave the job. Nobody likes changes or he may take it as a personal attack on his integrity.

    If he leaves then both the sales ledger and purchase ledger will be affected. This could disrupt the effective function of the both departments
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