1st December ECR exam prepare


I am a bit nervous as i got an exam on 1st December ECR. I have been doing Dec 2003 to June 2008 whole exam papers, everything is different, i use the same skill applied. some of them are really tricky questions! Like Limiting Factor, if there is word DEMEND then i have to muliply it with hours per unit!

any tips for us to be prepare and don;t miss out, i know there will be stock card always! but what do you think that AAT will make us more harder and unexpect?
Process cost, like normal loss, abnormal loss/gain. will there be a T account?


  • DaveIOW
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    Know all your formulas like break even sales / units & target profit , margins of safety, contribution & absorption etc. Limiting factors & probably a working out & a report for NPV of some piece of equipment along with IRR definition.

    The other thing, you have done past exams, now go through study books & find things you havent found in the exams.

    Good luck
  • any2002uk
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    i have not study the target profit from tutor at college.

    i saw it in the book

    Fixed cost + profit wish target/contribution per unit?

    as it did not appear in past exam paper!

    IRR is another method of apprisal investment cost captial and it is zero based on net present value. it will not affect the shareholder's value. is this correct? as i memory it incase if they ask what is IRR.

    also 2 factors which i write down "whether the payback period can be extened", other "whether the sales could be affect". is thatr ight?
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