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Hi, i'm doing homestudy with Kaplan and sent my mock exam away, all fingers crossed and nervous highly-strung about two weeks ago, in time for the due date i'd been given. I've heard nothing since.

I'm really frustrated by this, its less than a week to the exam, and i have nothing to give me the boost that i can do it, or show me where i'm failing! I e-mailled them but have had no response.
Anyone else with this trouble?

To be honest, since besides the mock exam i've never been in touch with them once since starting, i'm starting to regret paying so much money and not just buying the books and going alone.


  • Ponder
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    Not yet had any problems with things not returned from them, but then ive not got that far!
    I take your point about not contacting kaplan during your course, i seem to be going into the mode of not contacting them as well..

    Just wondering about you phoning them...i see you have emailed them but possibly try phoning them?? In that some organisations react well to emails /phoning /or dont genrally to nothing!
    Also have you emailed your "tutor" or just kaplan generally?

    Out of interest, have you ever used the forums of kaplan? i see they have some "exam emergency service" parts to the forum there , but does not look as if anybody has used it or it does not work?? Generally the forums there seem very rarely used.

    Anyway good luck with it all generally anyhow...
  • blacksheep
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    I dont have a direct e-mail for my tutor (another reason I have never been in contact), but a more general one for a girl who seems to be in charge of the whole affair. Phoned them an hour ago, and they can't find it - but are going to ask around their outsourced markers in case it has gone adrift.

    I used Kaplan, at a proper centre, for my intermediate, and it was ok, but i feel i'm doing just as well on my own, and saving the hours travel there and back it would cost me to attend there again. Passed all my other exams with them first time though, so nothing bad to say.

    When i was with the OU a few years ago, i found the tutor phoned me every week or so to check on my progress - i've had nothing like that at all from kaplan, which makes me feel its all been a bit of a waste of money.
    Hopefully itll turn up, and they can at least tell me by phone if i'm looking at a pass or fail!

    Good luck to you with everything to come too.
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    It may be worth letting your grieveances know to whoever is in charge! I study with Kaplan and i do not have a bad word to say to them. Everytime i have gotten in touch with them they have responded within hours. There maybe a glitch somewhere and for what you pay its worth bringing out the "stalkerish" side to get your feedback!
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