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apologies now if this is in the wrong forum
i have just started studying technician level on the nvq route and was going to apply for funding through access to learning from my course however is funded by the university so had to apply through them. unfortunately as im not studying a hnd, degree or foundation degree course i do not qualify for help with my studies
i was wondering if anyone knows of how to get help towards studying at this level as im a single person on jobseekers allowance trying to improve my chances of getting employment but am fast realising i may have to drop out of my course through lack of funds:001_unsure:
any help or advice much appreciated
thanks in advance


  • mark130273
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    well if your not in an account office/enviroment now , you will most probibily find it really hard to get one .... but good luck anyway...i had to fund it myself ?
  • *Sarah*
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    I'm funding it myself too :-(
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