Can anyone help me with PCR Dec.2007?

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Hi there,

In Dec. 2007 paper. Task 1.2 (c) Revised direct labour hours budget.

25oml (277,700 / 200) = 1389
500ml (101,000 / 160) = 632
Total = 2021
Basic hrs available (10 x 35 x 4) = 1,400
Overtim availabe (10 x 50) = 500
Shortfall hrs = 121

I have no idea where did they get the 50 from. Can anyone help me how did they come up with the 10 x 50 = 500

Thank you in advance


  • SandyHood
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    The data before task 1.3 states:

    The Production Director is concerned about his ability to increase production to meet the new sales forecast. He tells you that orders have already been placed for materials and he cannot acquire more than 1,500 square metres in time for January production. Also he only has 10 staff and he cannot expect them to work more than 50 hours overtime each during the period.

    I did the enlarging
    10 staff x 50 hrs overtime each = 500 hours of overtime is the maximum available
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    I had the same trouble with this question because the data containing this information came after the actual question, which I thought was a bit naughty.
  • Puffin
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    Many thanks Sandyhood :thumbup:. I though the data was for task 1.3 only.
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