Another Unit 10 help plea !!

chigie Registered Posts: 5 New contributor 🐸
I am at the end of my tether with unit 10 !!!
am seriously beginning to think about throwing the towel in completely.

I can't think of anything to base the project on
I've done the podcast, I've read my text book - nothing is giving me any help

I work in a relatively small accountancy practice, we don't have purchase or sales ledger departments, we don't buy large items of equipment (occassional printer), petty cash is only used to buy milk and pay the cleaner.

All accounts staff do vat returns, book-keeping and accounts - basically we all pitch in, there is no dedicated person for a specific department.

We don't use sage & therefore no invoice coding either, no documents created on spreadsheets

Is there anyone out there in a similar working environment who has done this project and can give me any pointers -

I think I am close to a nervous breakdown over this !!



  • mjw6150
    mjw6150 Registered Posts: 4 New contributor 🐸
    Can't you do a case study on a made up business?
    That's what I did as I also work in a small practise :001_smile:
  • chigie
    chigie Registered Posts: 5 New contributor 🐸
    study provider are advising against it (not a great deal of help unfortunately)

    & as I am doing it via distance learning not much backup anywhere else either
  • 2cool
    2cool Registered Posts: 53 Regular contributor ⭐
    You say your company does not use sage line 50 - maybe this can be an improvement and be interpreted into a problem? Just a suggestion. Same goes for an excel package. Petty cash - is there an imprest system of some sort that is in progress. Dont give up keep at it
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