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I have just got my mock back for the up coming ECR exam and passed section 1 ok but failed section 2. I think it was more luck than anything to pass section 1. Does anyone have any easier ways of remembering the ways to work out cont, breakeven etc......? I have passed FRA and found that alot more easy going. Any help would be great keep reading over my notes and feels like its the first time every time.


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    Check out the Remembering Unit 6 post on the 4/11/08, it's helped me loads!

    Chloe -Contribution = Selling Price per Unit-Variable Costs per Unit
    Buys - Breakeven in Units = Fixed Costs/Contribution
    Pink - PV Ratio = Contribution/Sales Price
    Biscuits-Breakeven In Revenue = Fixed Costs/PV Ratio
    Mummy-Margin of Safety In Units = Forecast - Breakeven
    Makes -Margin of Safety % = Margin of Safety in Units/Forecast x 100
    Them-Target Profit = Fixed Costs + Target Profit/Contribution

    Good Luck
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