Univercity after completing your AAT qualification

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hello every 1 i am just wondering i know that when i complete my aat i will be able to go str8 away to the 2nd year accounting & finance in UNI but herd that in some unis u go str8 into last year (3rd year)....
is that true?? plz get bakc to me if u knw anything
thank you


  • jimbob
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    is it worth going to uni you would be prob better off doing cima would take you same timeframe anyway and you can get employer support as well as learning on the job
  • sally salah
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    Hi Mahdi

    why don't you consider studying CIMA or ACCA that would give you better career chances i think.
  • Bookworm55
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    I have never heard of anyone gaining direct entry into the final year of a degree course unless they were simply transferring from somewhere else (having completed the second year there), and even then that's very rare. Direct entry onto the second year is far more likely. I found that quite a bit of the second year was also fairly straightforward because of my existing knowledge from the AAT.

    Not all universities will allow you direct entry onto the second year of an accounting course, but some will. The list on the website is a guideline- I would suggest you approach their admissions offices directly. That's what I did and I was able to get onto the second year, but still had to apply through the usual UCAS method.

    I had offers from University of East Anglia, De Montfort (Leicester), Anglia Ruskin and Essex- but I was only looking in the East Anglia/East Midlands area anyway.
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