FRA/ECR Exams next week! Any possible questions??

Hi there
Am sitting FRA and ECR exams next week. As I am studying through distance learning and don't have much contact with a tutor, was wondering if anyone has got any "inkling" of what might come up. Are there any subjects which haven't been tested for a while which tutors are saying you should look at? If so would appreciate if if you could reply to this thread!!


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    Been told in FRA every year Accurals pre payment come up if that helps
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    Incomplete records and ETB
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    I think one section is on incomplete records and trial balance and the other section is on partnerships, ETB and can include P+L and BS..Thats just what ive picked up from doing the past papers.. Hope that helps...:001_smile:
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    To be honest i wouldnt try to second guess all i would do is try revise all then there wouldnt be any hidden surprises
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    I sat FRA last year, Mark ups and Margins didn't come up at all so i think it would be a good idea to make sure you are up to speed with these!
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    Rosemary Evans - Chief Assessor for FRA has had two articles published in the AAT Accounting Technician magazines. My tutor has suggested it is a good idea to read and understand these.

    They are:

    May 2008 - page 25 - Control Accounts (Purchase and Sales ledger)

    March 2008 - page 29 - Accounting Standards
    SSAP 5 - Accounting for VAT
    SSAP 9 - Stocks and long term contracts
    FRS 15 - Accounting for tangible fixed assets
    FRS 18 - Accounting policies

    It maybe helpful - but then again it may be a red herring!!!

    Never mind we either will or won't pass on Wednesday - whatever the outcome I know we will all have tried our best. I know that as soon as I open the paper I will instantaneously forget everything (especially which side things go!!!)

    Good luck everybody.

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