Help with dec06 ecr paper

debbieh Registered Posts: 17 Dedicated contributor ? ? ?
Hi, hope some1 can help with section 2 Task2.4 dec06 and dec07 both papers are about the same.

With this product ranking, any one know a easy way to work this question out on either paper.


  • SLM
    SLM Registered Posts: 64 ? ? ?
    I do not understand what you mean by wasy way to work it out? For Dec 06, the product ranking is 1 for V and 2 for W, this is because V has the highest contribution per machine hour. The demand for V is 1000 units. V requires 2 machine hours for every unit. Therefore you allocate 2000 of the 3000 machine hours to V. The remaining 1000 are then allocated to W. I hope that makes sense
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