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Pev - Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

PigpenPigpen Trusted RegularRegistered Posts: 331
Been sitting here since 6 a.m going over and over it

Have a mountain of ironing to do and everyone has gone Xmas shopping

I am so depressesd!

Just gonna do another test paper then kill myself I think Lol!:confused1:

Anyone else revising Pev today?


  • carla030698carla030698 Well-Known Registered Posts: 112
    Im revising for MAC on monday, I can sooooooo relate to that! How depressing is this!!! Its like torture only more painful! :bored:
  • PigpenPigpen Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 331
    So glad its not just me then.

    I can't decide whether to walk away for a few hours or keep at it - Think I might go and make a sandwich
  • carla030698carla030698 Well-Known Registered Posts: 112
    Yes, I did that but I cant say I was refreshed when I came back! I think its the fact that weve been looking at the same things over and over again for weeks, and it gets so boring after a while dosnt it! Allthough I still cant say that im confident that im going to pass!
    Iv decided to have a break from practice exams and iv written a list of all the bits that i still cant quite remember and im just going to do some questions on those key bits! :001_unsure:
  • Marg22Marg22 Feels At Home Registered Posts: 84

    I'm in the same boat I keep jumping from pev to dfs and back again. Although I have worked long and hard on both I keep thinking I have forgotten it and episodes of panic keep setting in.

    But then on a positive side I think it is only an exam and I will give it my best shot on the day.
  • carla030698carla030698 Well-Known Registered Posts: 112
    Im doing MAC on monday and DFS on Wednesday and its got to the point where I cant remember which bits are in which units! Just cant wait for Wednesday afternoon when it will be all over! Well for a few months at least! lol x
  • SandyHoodSandyHood Font Of All Knowledge Registered, Moderator Posts: 2,034
    My advice is to put the revision behind you.

    There will be candidates who go into PEV on Monday "overcooked". My advice is to go in fresh.
    There will be the sort of mechanical calculation question you've churned out time and again, e.g. variances and ratios
    There will also be explanation and thinking questions. You need to be bright and fresh to answer them.

    So do a couple of chores, look at a past paper for 20 mins, then go for a walk or do something that demands your full attention (so you can't think about revision).

    Best wishes, and don't go in overcooked and too tired to do your best.
    [email protected]
  • peugeotpeugeot Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 624
    Agree with Sandy here.

    I had a PM from a student today who was panicking to the point of sheer despair. Try not to get too bogged down with the IFRS/IAS - it's pointless "cramming" at this late stage and you won't benefit from it. Where DFS is concerned I would just keep practising some consolidated accounts, reviewing the main aspects of each examinable IAS/IFRS and have a go at some ratios for section B.

    Where you find you make errors, go back to your notes and refresh your memory - whatever you do don't despair or get too deflated it's more than likely that you've done too much! Also remember there are lots of articles I have written on accountancystudents that relate to IAS/IFRS and 2 on consolidated income statements/balance sheets which are on the homepage - these might help you.

    Kind regards
  • carla030698carla030698 Well-Known Registered Posts: 112
    Today was my last day of revision anyway, as I am a godmother at a Christening tomorrow, Very bad timing! But at least as you say I will be fresh! :001_smile:
  • JayJay New Member Registered Posts: 11
    I took PEV in the summer and failed, so i'm in for the resit on Monday.

    I agree with the previous replies - in the summer I did nothing but revise. Up early before work, during lunchtimes, after work, weekends, in bed before sleeping (not a good idea - just gives you nightmares). Anyway, I was so wound up by the time the exam arrived I was a complete mess and so stressed.

    I knew I had failed the exam when I looked at my completed paper. The quality of my work was far below what it should have been - I just completely lost the plot. I pity the poor examiner who ended up with it!

    So tonight I am going to give it another hour revising then have a nice smirnoff and sit and watch Strictly. No thinking about ROCE or anything else for a few hours. :thumbup:
  • Big BirdBig Bird Feels At Home Registered Posts: 62
    I am also revised out, and I am now enjoying a nice glass of wine, I have arranged to go to the pub for tea tomorrow with friends, I am going to do another past papet tomorrow then thats it.
    I think the exam could go either way it just depends on the day and on the questions.

    But its nice to hear others are also worried I think my friends and work collegues have had enough of my moaning, but hubby not to bothered as he is getting permission to go to the pub to watch football most Saturdays whilst I revise, I think he wants me to carry on for another few years. I dont know why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • PigpenPigpen Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 331
    Thats it - Had enough - Thanks for all the support from everyone and good luck to everybody this week - Roast beef in 10 mins (cooked by long suffering husband) and a big glass of wine - Cheers Guys :tongue_smilie:
  • CathGCathG Well-Known Registered Posts: 145
    Almost worth doing exams for - my husband's done the dinner tonight as well - roast pork with lovely crispy roasters (why can't I do them like he does) he's passed his test I gave him 10/10!

    That's it for me now as well today.I may cast an eye on the forums from time to time though.

    Good luck this week everyone :thumbup:
  • carla030698carla030698 Well-Known Registered Posts: 112
    Thats it for me 2, im all revised out! my tea has just arrived so thats it for MAC until 9.30 am!
    Good luck everyone! :thumbup:
  • katyloukatylou New Member Registered Posts: 6
    Yep good luck everyone, only done a past paper today for PEV tomorrow, failed in the summer and hopefully I can get through it ok! Also got BTC on Tues then free until I have to do the resits!!!
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