Sage Line 50 Self-Study and Certification

feldon Registered Posts: 7 Regular contributor ⭐ 😼 ⭐
I have the complete Sage Line 50 self-study training course as sold through Sage UK Ltd with online certification via Sage included (online Cerfication alone costs £50 per level) The complete course bought online via Sage is £310 or £145 per level. Each level includes a 180 day version of Sage Line 50 (great to practice on)

I have done the online Certification for Level 1 only, but this can be purchased direct from Sage for £50. Level 2 & 3 still have online Certification which can be used. All the training books are in good condition and two copies of the Sage Line 50 180 licence have not been activated.

I am willing to sell the whole lot for a bargain price of £200 (including Postage)

If you are interested please email me on [email protected] for further details just go to the Sage Website for more information.
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