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eeeeek less than 24hrs guys

EmmaLeeEmmaLee Just JoinedRegistered Posts: 2
Hey just to wish everyone :thumbup:good luck:thumbup: with the MAC exam tomorrow lets hope they go easy on us!!!

Does anyone know when we will find out our results?......i know im thinking too far ahead, should be thinking about the exam itself rather than the result lol


  • lorklork Feels At Home Registered Posts: 97
    The results are released on 17th/18th February according to MyAAT.
  • Nicolaw1702Nicolaw1702 Feels At Home BoltonRegistered Posts: 64
    Thats not good!! Its my 21st on 17th an if I fail will ruin it :crying:
  • umerali2003umerali2003 Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 400
    dont think like that mate u will be o rite lets hope nothing comes from alien

    ... budgeting
    .... time series
    ...... variances
    ....... ratios

    if the paper comes up from these 4 topics i will be o rite but if some thing out side from that like marginal or absorption costing that will be a worrying sign at least 4 me
  • EmmaLeeEmmaLee Just Joined Registered Posts: 2
    I think i will be ok with the number parts in the paper (like you say as long as they dont throw something alien in) Im just really worried about the reports/memos and my tutor keeps saying if i dont do them i will fail :crying:
  • *Sarah**Sarah* Well-Known Registered Posts: 172
    remember there can also be lifecyle costing and ABC
  • Tinkerbell007Tinkerbell007 Feels At Home Registered Posts: 64
    Eeek!! I'm sooo nervous about tomorrows MAC paper! Have been doing past papers all day and still making daft mistakes every time and getting into a right tizzy! Will be so glad when its over! :001_unsure:
  • umerali2003umerali2003 Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 400
    well sarah i am putting some definition which can come up all we can do it is just learn by heart and hope so some thing comes out of dat

    1 life cycle costing ( came in last exam so less chance this time around )
    2 discounted cash flow ( came in the last exam """"""" )
    3 total quality management
    4 target costing
    5 absorption costing
    6 marginal costing
    7 trend
    8 seasonal variations
    9 how ideal standard effects motivation
    10 bench marking
    11 time series

    these are 11 imp defintitions which aat have given in the past xams hope so the mystery tasks like 1.3 and 2.3 come from these bcz if u look every year there is a different task
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