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I have a new client who has no confidence on last accountant, He had to do accounts twice made such a mess the first time (difference in Profit £5K) he said £50!! He says he has draft accounts for 2007/08 for which he is charging £900, but has passed to me all records including bank statements to June 2007 (y/end March 08). He will not release records until £900 paid for the work he has done on 07/08 but is not prepared to let amyone see this work. Help what can I do?


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    If you haven't got the records you need, you can't do the work - so I would suggest getting the client to speak to the old accountant and let them sort it out. Tell the new client you will be happy to take over but you can't until you can have the records you need.

    Then concentrate on getting your other clients' tax returns done so that you have time to do this one when/if you finally get the records.
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