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Oops, clanger?!

rowetsrowets New MemberRegistered Posts: 8
Erm, bit late in the day I know but I've just downloaded and sat the June 2008 PEV exam as a practice ready fro tomorrow. The exam mentions things such as; Standard Costing Card, Gearing Ratios, Interest Cover....

My Osbourne book doesn't even mention these! Do I have an outdated study book or what? If so my study providers are in for a hell of a time tomorrow! Or am I being dumb?



  • definite.studiesdefinite.studies Feels At Home Registered Posts: 88
    Apparently, the fact that the PEV exams cover material which may not be in the text books has been known for a number of years. (although weren't standard cost cards part of level 3?) :mad2:

    see http://forums.aat.org.uk/showthread.php?t=19777
  • KairiKairi Feels At Home Registered Posts: 25
    I study from BPP books and the books I used for June08 exams had all that info in it (ie. gearing ratio, standard cost card etc). They can sometimes be only a small paragraph here and there and I took 3 exams at the same time (all compulsory ones for Technician) so it could have been that the information was in another book as well. i cannot remember that well.
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