Calling all MIP's to answer my query!!!!

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Are there any Members In Practice out there who after AAT, didn't go on to study to become a qualified accountant but are licensed to do tax returns and management accounts etc based on their work experience and the fact they have passed AAT?


  • Anne Boleyn
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    Hi Teakay25
    I'm a MIP. After passing AAT I did begin to study through the acca and have passed 6 of the exams but then I left work to have a baby and circumstances meant that I needed to start out on my own. Therefore as you can't practise and be a student member of ACCA I had to leave them and applied for a license to practise through the AAT.
  • groundy
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    I have been practising as a MIP for 10 years and never saw the need to continue on to ACCA.

    I was employed at a Chartered practice for 8 years prior to starting my own business and I've never looked back.

    All I would say is if you are confident with your own abilities then dont worry about only having AAT. Just make sure you keep upto date with your training requirements and invest in good software. I would also recommend Tolleys tax guide it is like the bible in our office.

    I would like to add that we purchased a small block of fees that my business partner already had a working relationship with so a bit less scary than starting from scratch with no clients but still a lot of hard work to develop the practice.
  • lorraine
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    Hi Teakay do you have your mip application back now, i'm still waiting!
  • T.C.
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    I am a licensed Member in Practice with AAT and have been working as an accountant for almost 8 years now (late starter). Never felt any need to go further.
  • Poodle
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    Me, me, me I am one of them as well, and proud of it:001_smile:

    I did do some ACCA though to update my skills and enable my initial license application and I have to say the study turned out to be really useful

  • T J
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    Hi I'm the same. Did IAB then AAT then started ACCA, had a baby, became a AATMIP, gave up ACCA because you can't be a MIP and ACCA student at the same time. I now have a growing business and have never needed to advertise. Each year as I get more experience I add another "bit" to the list of things I am licensed to practice in. I started off with sole traders, had a couple of partnerships, then they needed to incorporate so I find I am now doing a bit of everything except auditing (which we can't do as AAT)

    Go for it!!!
    Good luck
  • claire
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    Same as TJ but did not start ACCA.

    Did AAT had my first son.

    Started as sole trader when first son was one years old, nearly three years ago. Client list started to grow by way of a few flyers, posters in shop windows, recommendation by clients.

    Then fell pregnant again so just kept the few clients I had, when second son was six months old did a bit more advertising (flyers and posters) and it has been growing from there.

    Obviously I have not got a big client base due to having two sons under the age of four, but I can expand as the family gets older and starts nursery, school, college, university and hopefully leave home to let me get on with it :thumbup:.

    I am going to do ATT next year but do not feel the need to do ACCA.

  • teakay25
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    thank you all for taking the time to reply, its been a great help, :thumbup1:
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