This afternoons exam - ECR

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I think I've just made a monumental mistake.

The book I'm working from is Costing and Reports - Osbourne Books.

Now I've noticed that it contains unit 6 and unit 7. Am I correct in think that the exam only covers unit 6? And that unit 7 is the skills tests?

I don't think I'm the brightest cookie at the moment!

Thanks :D


  • A-Vic
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    Am not doing the costing exam but as far as i know and according to college we are only doing unit 6

    Good luck btw
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    Yes it's deffo only unit 6. Unit 7 was only the skills test.

    Good Luck! :thumbup1:
  • lucylou
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    Thats relief that is.

    Am fine with unit 6, just a bit unsure of 7 - I suppose I've got a bit more time now!


    Good luck everyone!
    (and note to self, BE MORE ORGANISED!)
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