Likelihood of the examiner taking it easy on us Decemer 'resitters'!?

becs129 Registered Posts: 17 New contributor 🐸
Any thoughts guys?

I'm really hoping it's a straight forward paper. I just know that if they throw something nasty in there to confuse us I'm just going to fluff it!


  • purelimituk
    purelimituk Registered Posts: 6 New contributor 🐸
    No! there have no mercy. As I just taken the PVR exam this morning and the 2.3 was nasty. It was so nasty that my friend didnt even attempt to answer it, as he got so confused.

    Which exam are you taking?
  • becs129
    becs129 Registered Posts: 17 New contributor 🐸
    BTC. The one subject I never struggled in! Don't know what happened in the exam, now I've just forgotten it all it's been so long!
  • confused!!
    confused!! Registered Posts: 130 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    Apparantly exam papers are written about a year before us taking them, so they probably dont consider us resitters :-( !!
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