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Why do Sage have to phone me up every month and try and flog me more software?!

Salesman: We can do you a discount on Sage Payroll software, are you interested?

Dean: No. I don't do payrolls.

Salesman: Don't you find you are losing out on clients by not offering this service?

Dean: No. Payrolls are too much effort for too little money.

Salesman: Ok. Well if you do want to upgrade your package to include Sage payroll then you will get a discount of £x..


He then went on to try and flog me the accountants suite, tried to get me to sign up to a webinar on the taxation suite, tried to sell me a training course on how to produce debtors reports and checked up to see if I had downloaded their logo to put on my headed paper yet!


  • Poodle
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    Hi Dean,

    It's not very 'British' but you could just put the phone down.

    But the risk then would be that they phone you back to say that you were cut off for some reason and then start again.


    But then as we know (from your PM) you are becomming 'Mr Popular' so expect the phone calls:laugh:
  • JJ43
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    Hi Dean,

    You really need to be very firm with some salespeople. Next time you could try playing them at their own game.....

    Not the same thing, but I had a call from a very agressive insurance salesman. Even though I thought I had made it clear I did not want their `fantastic offer` I kept getting phone calls so the next time they called I just put the phone down on the table and made a cuppa. I received only one more call after that and I did the same, never had a call back - fingers crossed !!
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