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hey, hows everyone feeling about these exams....im not at all confident! Any one know anything about MFI trends and also the matching rules?? would be very grateful!!!!
good luck everyone


  • cs_1988
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    MFI What????? Oh Dear
  • princess
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    I know......I know nothing either....cant find it in the osbourne text book either.....

    Can anyone help??!!!
  • lork
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    I think Sandy was using MFI the furniture shop as an example on the other thread, not a new forecasting topic, so don't panic!
  • Tracie
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    Pcr june 08 paper aargh

    :thumbdown::thumbdown:i have just spend this moring doing the June 08 past paper as a last revision exercise thinking that i was more or less ok with the PCR paper and put in on the back burner 2 weeks ago to concentrate on PEV as this was my first exam and felt less confident with it. However June 08 section 1 was awfull got it so wrong now feeling very sick and stressed and want to cry. HELP!!!
  • Brownie3
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    From what i can gather, don't panic in relation to the June 08 paper, the general verdict is that it was poorly composed by the examiner, hence his early departure!
  • Pigpen
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    Tracie - I too got myself all worked up over PEV and put PCR on the back burner and am not sure I know enough to pass plus I couldn't get the day off to do Sandys revision course - But I have done three past papers since Monday - Read the relevant chapters a couple of times and have my fingers firmly crossed - Good luck to all taking PCR tomoz
  • Tracie
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    Thanks, i feel a little better now, have done another two pasted papers, Dec 07 and 05, i liked the Dec 05 one, thier was no writing involved in section 1 now would'nt that be nice!!!

    Will do a few more tonight and read my notes and just hope for a good paper with no surprises.

    Good luck everyone hopefully tommorow night we will be celebrating!
  • Brownie3
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    I've got a funny feeling we may get a question on Sampling for some reason, not come up for ages, so i've paid some attention to this area!

    Random sampling, quasi-random sampling, ie systematic, stratified and multistage

    But, i've been wrong before..............many, many times before lol
  • Tracie
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    I find that i can cope with most of the PCR paper unless you have to recalculate the stocks and make more in previous periods or such like, every question to do with this kind of scenario has floored me, hence my problem with June 08 paper.

    Also, in the June 08 paper when doing the Cost of production i used the hours required for production for my labour cost (even though this was less than the hours available) and put the idle time to overheads as it said and could not understand why this was wrong.

    Any suggestions or words of wisdom before i go and get drunk!!:confused1:
  • Marie1507
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    Does anyone else understand the wordy questions in PCR such as

    June 08
    "briefly explain how the company's budgetting procedures couldbe improved by using

    i) departmental budgets
    ii) rolling budgets
    iii) computer generated models

    This really confuses me as I don't even remember being taught it!!!
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