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does anybody know why the aat don't state what the pass mark of the paper is?

or if they do where do you find it?



  • acky2106
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    The AAT don't state specific pass rates as it changes each time due to the volume of people that have been successful in both sections of each paper. The more people that bluntly fail, the lower the pass rate will be.
  • Baggybooks
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    I thought it was 60%?
  • mahdi87
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  • speegs
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    Hi Everyone

    I have heard in the past that if everyone finds the paper hard they lower the pass mark a bit. I think this is so that it stills makes the pass rates look good.

    So here is my theory. I think when I took my MAC paper a few years ago everyone in the country must have found it stupidly hard because I was 100% sure I had failed and then I passed.

    I am now qualified and would be willing to mentor students if they need any help (especially with their projects). So if you are stuck on something, PM me and I will come running.

    Speegs :thumbup1: the hood is still up!
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