PTC- Shares Post 98- Help needed!

tezza.b Registered Posts: 14 New contributor 🐸
When you have a question on shares and they are all post 98, do you just add up the total amount of shares and the total cost and go from there or do you have to work on a LIFO basis?
Im referring to past exam dec 06 section 2
As in the aat answers they have done it on a LIFO basis to produce 2 seperate gains whereas the answers that my college tutor has provided show just totalling up the shares and cost to then produce one gain!
So now im confused!
Can anyone help me??


  • mehmet
    mehmet Registered Posts: 113 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    Definitely LIFO basis. Only Pre '98 shares are pooled. However, bare in mind any post '98 rights/bonus issues on shares brought pre '98 will be attached to the pool.
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