DFS - embarassing mistake

Jenaat Registered Posts: 3 New contributor 🐸
DFS exam yesterday - first section - no problem, all balanced and felt fine about it.
Got to section 2, knew formula for ratios so wrote them down, now here comes the embarassing part, when working out the current ratio and acid test, when i put the figures into the calculator, when the answer came up, i used the decimal point as the : so my answers came out as 1:9 instead of 1.9:1, i did not realise that you put the answer as :1 every time! (missed the ratio lesson, just revised the formulas)

So i have the right formula written down, the right calculation written down but the wrong answer! Fortunately the explanations still tied up ok, and i think i will be alright for those, also managed to put down a decent reason to improve each one. It is really just those wrong numbers written down for those two ratios - Do you think i will still pass the section??


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