Still worrying over DFS!!

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:001_unsure::mad2:I know i've already asked this but how many cock ups are allowed in the DFS paper?? I got everything else through but could not get my cashflow right and ballsed it up, i may have made one error in the journals too... Is that enough to fail???


  • George Tse
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    No thats probs not enough to fail i fink if uve at least got to get around 70% to 75% in both sections it is enough to pass.

    Dont worry about it, you shud be stress free now after the exams :D


    Gentle Jesus
  • speegs
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    Dear Gentle Jesus.

    I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday for 25th December and re-iterate what you said about Acky2106 not worrying. I have made loads of mistakes in papers before and still passed.

  • George Tse
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    lol yea thannks and dont u mean happy xmas not happy birthday lol ?? happy xmas to you too. :S

    yea if u make one mistake in one part and carry it in to another question u wont lose 2 marks u would get marked right and would only lose the mark in the question you made the mistake in.


    Gentle Jesus
  • mark130273
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    well lets just say in the last exam ....extended tb it didnt match at all....put an suspence in a a little wrong balance shouldnt matter too much.....

    cash flow seemed to be a problem with a few people in thsi exam ......

    should of donw what i told others to do...start at the bottom figures.....there already there for you and then work the rest out from that one ?
  • dodo
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    I really didn't like this paper at all!
    I revised as much as I could, but think I failed with a capital F!
    Lets wait and see,
    just hope I dont have to resit PEV and PCR as well!
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